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Watch Martin Short Ask Drake a Series of Questions About His Penis

"You're a Jewish rapper... Do you miss the hood? And when I say hood, I mean your foreskin."
June 8, 2016, 2:01pm

Screenshot via YouTube

Drake is a man who lives to get owned. Sure, he currently has the number one song in the country. His album has topped the Billboard 200 for five weeks and set streaming records. But we never enjoy Drake more than when we're making fun of him, particularly on sketch comedy TV shows. He's great on SNL! He was hilarious on Vanessa Bayer's Sound Advice! He even was only kind of awkward as a teenager doing improv.


The latest entrant in this category is an interview with Martin Short—more specifically, Short's character Jiminy Glick—on Short's and Maya Rudolph's new Lorne Michaels-produced sketch comedy show, Maya & Marty. In the segment, Jiminy Glick, a breathy caricature of a hapless TV host, grills Drake on his popularity, questions Drake's weight, and makes fun of him for being named Aubrey. It's stupid and funny, but the real highlight is when he observes that Drake is a Jewish rapper and then asks, "Do you miss the hood? And when I say hood, I mean your foreskin. Do you miss it?"

"Um, I'm glad to be sort of clean cut?" Drake replies.

"Clean cut in the down there hair world?" Glick continues, and Drake confirms "yeah, yeah I guess."

After a very funny aside about kids who play the tuba, Glick concludes the interview with a final question for Drake: "When an interview is supposed to go well, which this was, I invite my guest to have a ritualistic steam bath with me. A reflection on life. And I would wonder if you would like to join me." Drake demurs, and Glick chalks it up to envy. "I'm packin'!" he cackles.

Anyway, watch Drake get grilled about his penis, below:

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