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Domestic Bliss Pop: Meet Pansy And Their Home-Made Sounds

Featuring members of Bored Nothing and Major Leagues, this new husband and wife duo create buzzy bedroom pop.

Pansy are a new husband/wife duo based in the chilly suburbs of Melbourne’s north. You might know Anna Davidson from Brisbane’s shimmery outfit Major Leagues, and Fergus Miller formerly of Melbourne lo-fi project Bored Nothing. The duo have been compared to US groups Carseat Headrest and Alex G, rocking a home-made sound carried along by gloomy bedroom-pop vibes. Their new track "Cold Enough" is as grungy as it is dreamy, a thought-provoking ride that’s sure to cure your winter blues.


Noisey: Tell us what Cold Enough is about, is there a particular message or meaning behind the song?
Anna Davidson: I don’t think there is really a particular message behind the song. It’s more just a blur of lots of memories and feelings smushed together and romanticised.

You guys could be Melbourne’s answer to the White Stripes—what’s it like making music with your husband/wife?
Anna: Well, we haven’t pretended to be siblings yet, so I’m not sure about that comparison. Also, Fergus doesn’t really wear enough hats to be like Jack White.

Fergus Miller: We’ve collaborated on stuff before, but this time I kind of had more of an idea what I wanted it to sound like, so it’s been a pretty smooth process. Also, it’s obviously handy to be able to have an idea for a song and then not have to move further than the next room to record it. Cause we are both very lazy and apathetic. It’s also refreshing to be doing something a little different from our other projects.

How does Pansy differ from Bored Nothing? Talk us through the naming process as well!
Fergus: Bored Nothing was just me working by myself, where as with these new songs we are taking turns layering ideas. I’ll write some guitar, then Anna will write some lyrics, and then I’ll build on that again. She’s really the mastermind though, she has sounds and textures that she can describe but doesn’t know how to make, which is where I come in.

And as far as the name goes, Anna came up with a bunch of options and Pansy is the one I hated the least.

Who plays what in the band?
Fergus: We haven’t played live under this name yet! But so far in the recordings I’ve played all the instruments and Anna has written all the words and I try to sing along with her. We’ll be announcing shows soon but we’re still fine tuning the line-up right now.

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