This story is over 5 years old.

Radiohead Just "Erased" Their Entire Internet Presence

Another strange move from the band in recent weeks.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Radiohead has been up to some weird shit as of late. Recently, the band mailed out a bunch of leaflets to fans, the covers having a mysterious cover and the words "Burn The Witch," an unreleased Radiohead Song that's been in the tank for about thirteen years. In addition, the band's manager announced there would be a Radiohead record coming this June (though it was later said he had very little to do with the band). Today, Radiohead has done something equally surprising, erasing their entire digital footprint from Facebook, Twitter, and Their Facebook page has deleted all previous posts, and changed both their profile and cover image to a blank picture, and on their other sites. It looks like the next step in whatever their plan for viral marketing domination is going to be, echoing the lengths the band went to for their 2011 record King Of Limbs. Time will tell what the band will pull next, but all signs are pointing to a new record in the very near future.