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Speedy Ortiz Parties Like it's 1999 with a Cover of "Hanging Around" by The Cardigans

Apparently, Speedy Ortiz and The Cardigans have way more in common than we thought.
August 28, 2015, 5:01pm

Sadie DuPuis' jagged alt-rock as the songwriter for Speedy Ortiz has been eaten up by critics as the second-coming of indie rock giants like Pavement and Liz Phair. But little did we know that this soul-shrinking cover of "Hanging Around" by The Cardigans would create their most accurate 90s comparison so far. As Sadie told The Boston Globe, "The Cardigans make really smart pop music dosed with contradictory textural choices. Crunchy guitars, moody electronics, seemingly intentional tape warping." Sound familiar? Given that description, she might as well be talking about Foil Deer, the head-buttingly dynamic sophomore record from Speedy Ortiz that toes that same mathy line between introspection and grime. Listen below and see for yourself. Then, buy a ticket to see Speedy Ortiz and Aye Nako this weekend in Brooklyn, presented by Noisey and Shiner Beer. Deets here.