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Young Thug Is Himself, His Driver, His Dinner, and So Much More in the "Best Friend" Video

He's also in whiteface because why not?
September 14, 2015, 10:10pm

We'll never know what goes on inside the mind of Young Thug, but, if his new video for "Best Friend" is any indication, that might be in part because there are far too many characters to keep up with. As Thugger delivers a tribute to friendship, we meet a few of his friends—which are all him. In addition to walking in on Thug hooking up with himself, we see Thug go to work as his own driver, a version of him in the woods who may or may not be the best friend of one of the other versions, his car mechanic, a version of himself in his closet who I assume is his stylist, himself in white face (presumably his white friend), and, for the main course, his head on a platter while whiteface him and four girls sit around eating giant bowls of cereal for dinner. Yes, he does rap the words "these Lucky Charms give me luck" as he's sticking his head out of a table next to a girl eating from a salad bowl of Lucky Charms. And that's debately only like the 12th weirdest thing that happens here. The video ends with Thug and his friends prancing through the forest, pouring out some lean, and finding a girl at some sort of forest shrine. Look, just watch it. It's incredible. And if you live in New York, make sure you come out to our show with Young Thug and RL Grime in Central Park on Thursday to create your own version of this video in the park's many woodlands.

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