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Listen to the First Song (Ever) from Drakulas (Featuring Members of Riverboat Gamblers and Rise Against)


Photo by Cecilia Alejandro

The last time I saw Mike Wiebe perform, he was leading an Austin crowd in a chant of “G.A.M.B.L.E.R.” while hanging from the venue’s rafters. Then, with no other strong options at his disposal, he jumped. Instead of doing what most human bodies would do as a result of falling headfirst from a story up (dying), he climbed his way back on stage, tore a sign off of the wall, and surfed through the crowd on it. This is to say, Wiebe is the most underrated frontman in the game.

Whether it be for Riverboat Gamblers, Ghost Knife, or High Tension Wires, the guy pours limitless energy into any band he’s in. Thankfully, he’s given himself and his predilection for diving off of high things yet another outlet with Drakulas, a new projekt featuring Rise Against guitarist Zach Blair. The band sounds exactly like what you’d expect from the power pop factory that is Texas. Perfectly crafted hooks with sort of a raunchy edge. Drakulas have a debut EP out this month with Red Scare which you can order here. You can catch them at Punk Rock Bowling this year. Here’s the first song off the EP. Open up and say “OWOWOWOWOWOWOW.”