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Vince Staples: "Everything We Love Is Directly Related to Ray J"

His story checks out.
June 15, 2015, 5:09pm

Vince Staples and Tyler, the Creator stopped by Hot 97's Real Late with Rosenberg show last night to talk shop in advance of the release of Staples' Def Jam debut album Summertime '06. The interview covered Vince's ascent from rapping as a hobby to the comforts of a major label and some of Tyler's recent comings and goings, but the highlight comes when Tyler gets Vince to explain his theory on why Ray J is "probably top 5 hip-hop West Coast of all time." Let's take a look at Vince's claims and the truth behind them. The video's below:


"Does Ray J not have hits?"
"One Wish." Banger. "Sexy Can I." Slapper. "Wait a Minute." Secret Neptunes heat.

"Ray J was the first Blood on record that was certified."
DJ Kay Slay's Straight Stuntin DVD clip of Ray performing his set repping 2005 jam "Centerview" for squad shows he gets more respect in the street than most would think.

"You like Kanye West music, don't you?"
Ray J dated a pre-fame Kim Kardashian-West and famously co-starred in the sextape that put her family back in the press in 2007. He threw it back in everyone's faces with a killer Twitter burn in 2012 and again with 2013's passive aggressive classic "I Hit It First," a move that got Kanye so fired up he sent a rare shot during a performance of "Bound 2" with Charlie Wilson and the Roots that same year.

"You like Moesha, don't you?"
Ray J's introduction in his sister Brandy's successful late 90s sitcom Moesha as the cousin who turns out to be Moesha's dad's secret love child spiced up the series' last two seasons, and Ray got to chop it up with hip-hop royalty in the process.

"You like VH1, don't you?"
Ray's late 2000s VH1 dating show For the Love of Ray J (She smashed the homie!) is the missing link between the network's trashy dating show past (Flavor of Love, I Love New York) and its hip-hop soap present. Ray can be seen on Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood dumping exes' belongings out in the club and nudging angry dates into pools.


"Remember when Fabolous was real, real hot?"
In 2011 Fab made jokes about Ray's friendship with Floyd Mayweather that reportedly led to a fight when he ran into Ray in Vegas afterward. Ray called up New York's The Breakfast Club and aired his side of the story in one of the show's wildest interviews to date. Not to connect the dots, but Fabolous's studio album Loso's Way 2 still hasn't shown face.

"Everything we love is directly related to Ray J."
Seems legit.

Here's Vince's full Ray J rant and a bonus clip of Vince and Tyler freestyling.

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