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We Went Behind the Scenes of President T and JME's "House & Pop" Video

Car wax and magnum bottles.

This article originally appeared on Noisey UK.

A few days ago President T dropped the video for his latest track "House & Pop." From the commanding bars that open the track of "real veterans will do veteran things" to the authorative tone that President T takes throughout, the whole thing is overly presidential. It's like he's rolled in and addressed a nation of grime fans that he's here to stake a claim for dominance.


Produced by Splurge Boys and featuring President T's longtime mate JME, who used to be in Meridian Crew with him, it also begs the question: could we see a Meridian Crew reunion happening sometime soon? At the moment all we know is that the anticipated Stranger Returns album should be just around the corner, and with stuff like this dropping now, we're definitely in for a good bit of greatness. Have a watch above and see what I mean.

Fortune would have it that we were invited down to take some snaps of the videoshoot, which was held at a Grade II listed building on Commercial Road owned by a guy in his late 70s, and was packed with hundreds of people throwing overflowing magnum bottles in the air. What a combination. Anyway, here's what we saw: