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Ca$h Out Just Signed a Deal for a Gazillion Dollars and Put Out a New Video

"Don't Make You Real" is a verité clip that proves Ca$h Out is quite literally dripping with Swagu.
March 6, 2014, 5:10pm

You say no to naming your hit single after yourself, Ca$h Out can't. Check the above, verité-style video for Ca$h's new song "Don't Make You Real," which we are excited to premiere on the estimable Noisey Dot Com. His dreads are impeccable. His mean-mug is unparalleled. He's rocking the new-Atlanta flow to perfection. He is quite literally dripping with Swagu, and with good reason—sources are reporting that he/BLR just signed a deal with EOne Music (neé Koch records) for $3.2 million, though with incentives they're saying it could be more like $5.7 mill. Bases Loaded Records where he's signed has a joint venture with EOne. He is the next Supreme.