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Yay Canada! Justin Bieber Is the First Artist to Hit 10 Billion Views on Vevo

Take that Shania!

Photo via YouTube

Is it too late now to admit that we've watch the "Sorry" music video at least 30 times? Well, probably because it looks like pop star and CANADIAN Justin Bieber just became the first artist to break one billion, yeah with a B, views on VEVO. Honestly, we're not surprised since kids now a days spend their whole lives online anyways. But think about it, let's say on average his songs are 4 minutes long and have been watched over a billion times…that means AT LEAST 4 billion Bieber minutes have been spent on VEVO.

My god, that's more times than I've even heard Canadian music on the radio. We bet a deluxe edition of RUSH R40 tour tape (or whatever medium old people use to watch stuff on) and trucker hat combo wouldn't even break a million tape rewinds. Or even if we combined Canadian power couple Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger from Nickelback's views that it wouldn't total like, half of a quarter of these views. VEVO celebrated this momentous occasion by tweeting this adorable little video of young Bieber's stardom and growth into a Purpose-ful pop star. Now, we wonder how many views Shania Twain's VEVO has.

This is huge: @justinbieber just became the first artist to reach 10 BILLION views on @Vevo! #Bieber10BOnVevo

— Vevo (@Vevo) March 24, 2016

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