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Watch Newly Uncovered Footage from Prince's SNL 40 After Party Performance

Featuring appearances by Emma Stone, Jimmy Fallon, Haim, Chris Rock, and more.
April 23, 2016, 10:03pm

Later tonight, Saturday Night Live will be dedicating tonight's show to Prince's memory, showing footage from his three appearances on the show from over the years. Today in preparation, footage of Prince's appearance at the SNL 40 after party at New York's Plaza Hotel has surfaced. The footage was uploaded by Saturday Night Live alum Tim Kazurinsky to his Youtube channel. As Stereogum reports, Jimmy Fallon convinced Prince to perform, ripping into "Let's Go Crazy" while in the middle of a wild crowd of celebrities. Musicians and cast members joined the festivities including Chris Rock, Cuba Gooding Jr., Emma Stone, Haim, Maya Rudolph, Martin Short, The Roots, Bill Murray, and Jimmy Fallon. It's a nice reminder that there wasn't a single person around who wasn't affected by the charms and musical stylings of Prince.