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OMG, the Avalanches Have Released a New Track and It is Chill as Fuck

"Frankie Sinatra" may have sounded like a satanic reimagining of a medieval painting, but this is an iridescent, fantastical piece of music that sounds like drifting off to sleep among the cool breeze of summer.

A fortnight or so ago, the Avalanches stumbled their way out from a decade long hibernation period to release their comeback track "Frankie Sinatra" and, well… responses were mixed. On the one hand, it was a joyous feeling to hear from a group who – for thirty year-olds who can remember what it felt like to buy CDs in Fopp – embodied the same elusiveness that Frank Ocean is slowly starting to carry for today's generation of meme-posting, Supreme wearing teens.


The problem was, "Frankie Sinatra" was an acquired taste, sounding like a stroke of genius to fans, and to critics: like a bunch of Oompah Loompahs chained to a steam-powerered merry-go-round at an electro-swing carnival. Which, I guess if you like your pop music to sound like a satanic and drug-fuelled reimagining of a medieval painting, isn't a bad thing. But it also meant that the track wasn't perhaps as palatable as a wider audience had been hoping for.

So, then, to the follow up: a new track called "Colours". And what an iridescent, fantastical piece of music it is. Where "Frankie Sinatra" may have been the moment that Alice got lost down the rabbit hole, "Colours" is the track that plays lackadaisicaly as she drifts off in the cool, comforting breeze of the summer sun. Take a listen to the track below (which features Jonathan Donahue from Mercury Rev) and hear all this and more.