Jim Breuer & The Loud and Rowdy get Loud, Rowdy on "Old School"

It's the second single to be released from the stand-up comedian's metal/comedy record 'Songs From The Garage'.
June 7, 2016, 1:36pm

If you’re the kind of person that spends long days getting high on your couch and going through Netflix’s Saturday Night Live Best Of The 90s series, you’ll probably remember that stand-up and metal enthusiast Jim Breuer has a pretty great voice. Hell, if you tune into the man’s radio show you might remember that time he was singing Judas Priest’s “Devil’s Child” and was joined by Rob Halford.

Point is, Breuer can hold a note. And with his metal band The Loud & Rowdy, he’s basically spending his time parodying metal from the standpoint of a basketball shorts-wearing suburban dad, the type of comedy that would be clunky in most other people’s hands but works fantastically when it comes from an SNL alumnus with a genuine love for the music. “Old School,” premiering on Noisey after a first airing, appropriately, on the Howard Stern Show this morning, rules in its own way, a solid riff and a sweet solo backing up Breuer's comedy lyrics.

In an email to Noisey, Breuer went deep into the track's hidden meaning: "Do you like RIFF driven, catchy hard rock music tunes that will get you out of your chair?" he asked, probingly. "Then the song 'Old School' is for you!" Noisey approves of hard rock music tunes.

This particular hard rock music tune is second track to come out from the new record Songs From The Garage, out now via Metal Blade Records. Check out the video below.