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PREMIERE: Little Pain Feels Little Pain, Reps for the Little Guy On “Short N*gga Anthem” Feat. Wiki

He “can’t go on rollercoasters” or “drive no Range Rover” but that’s totally cool.
June 7, 2016, 4:08pm

A couple years ago, we were heralding Little Pain as a “leader of the sad rap revolution.” We said that he often wore “Sadness as a suit of armor in his music, talking about how he’s leaving some tears up on your girlfriend’s blouse or how he’s proud of his sadness.” And at the time, that was true. Sadness reigned. All was sad.

But something snapped of late and Little Pain got defiant. On “Short N*gga Anthem,” the Crown Heights rapper grabs RatKing's Wiki and shouts out all his vertically challenged brothers, warning the taller men of the world that his stature will not detract from his ability to steal their girlfriends. It’s less a Napoleon complex and more a detailed Napoleonic strategy.

Stream the track below.