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Watch YG's Video for "2015 Flow"

A potent reminder to those who overlooked him that YG is still here, and he's only getting better.

YG's recently released EP Blame it on the Streets feels less like a proper release and more like a reminder that, as we look back on this year in music, we should not forget YG. His March album My Krazy Life was a debut record that no one saw coming—beautifully written, rebellious, and thoughtful. It positioned YG as a good-natured everyman's gang member. Yeah, he might break into a house or two or get into a shootout, but he's still mainly worried about girls, partying, and not letting his mom down. Everybody focuses on the "Bank of America account worth six figures" line from "Who Do You Love?" to explain how down-to-earth YG is, but it's really the "Thank God" interlude, which finds YG's homie calling his mom begging for three stacks to bail him out for getting arrested on a B&E he got sucked into. More than anything, the album was fucking good, and anyone who didn't pay attention to it overlooked what may very well be looked back as a canonical West Coast hip-hop album.

And so, YG has resurfaced, with Blame it on the Streets. A one-shot wonder, "2015 Flow" is a one-man show, YG reminding all the wack-ass Grammy voters who overlooked My Krazy Life for an Album of the Year nomination, all the critics who didn't put My Krazy Life on their year-end lists, all the short-attention-span-ass motherfuckers who already forgot how much they loved My Krazy Life in March, that YG is still here, and he's only getting better.