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PREMIERE: "Ninja" by M+A featuring Spank Rock

The vibe is very much we're-having-a-great-sangria-stoked-time-on-the-southern-tip-of-Ibiza, OK?

Here's the skinny on M+A: their real names are Alessandro Degli Angioli and Michele Ducci and they're from the Adriatic Coast of Italy. Frankly if I lived there I would spend all day gazing moodily at the coastline and eating baby octopus, but hey, this duo are more productive than that. One of them went off to study in Norway, for one thing. Last year they piqued the interest of Michael and Emily Eavis (they organize Glastonbury), who selected them from 2000 entrants to be the winner of the festival's emerging talent competition. Their debut album—These Days—was a compendium of chill indie-tronica, like an Friendly Fires having a glass of bubbly with Phoenix, and now the pair return with a new EP, Anyway Milkyway.


The four-song release works a housier angle: the vibe is very much we're-having-a-great-sangria-stoked-time-on-the-southern-tip-of-Ibiza and below is the premiere of one Milkyway Anyway's finest tracks. "Ninja" features Baltimore-based don Spank Rock, who adds his laidback singspeak over this sashaying synthpop tune.

Anyway Milkyway

is out on 4.20.