Hear Kehlani Get Soulful and Smart, Again, on "Distraction"

It's the second track from her long-awaited Atlantic Records debut.
July 21, 2016, 8:34pm

Kehlani has had a difficult path to her first major label release. Since leaving teen pop band Poplyfe in 2011, dropping out of school, and struggling to find a couch to crash on, she’s had her personal life plastered all over Instagram and felt every hit that’s come with it. Alongside all this, she’s consistently put out smart, soulful R&B, backed up by rappers like Chance, G-Eazy, and BK The Chicago Kid.


She released another track from her soon-to-be-released Atlantic debut this morning, following up the release of “CRZY” last week. “Distraction” is a bright track with the type of catchy chorus that she’s starting to genuinely master. She pushes her vocal range here, too, dipping into bass and then reaching up at a moment’s notice.

Check it out below.

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