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Hear the First Song from Tim Barry’s New Album, ‘Lost & Rootless’

The former AVAIL frontman's sixth solo album.

Photo: Rich Tarbell

In the minds of some fans, Tim Barry’s solo career will never eclipse his previous work as the former frontman of AVAIL. It’d be pointless for the two periods of his life to even compete, being two completely different beasts. For nearly 20 years, AVAIL set the gold standard for punk bands—how they played, how they toured, their approach to music and life in general. Despite calling it quits years ago, the band is still iconic and worshipped to this day by those nostalgists clinging onto hope for a reunion (which, by the way, is never gonna happen so you can give that dream up right now). But for those who have been willing to let the past stay in the past, Barry has stepped into a new role as an acoustic folk singer and has quietly amassed a solid catalog over the last decade. In fact, he’s readying the release of a new album, Lost & Rootless, which brings his solo full-length record tally to six—as many as AVAIL released in their day. Barry’s sound has matured over each release, having transitioned very gradually from stripped down punk songs to more pensive front-porch musings. Lost & Rootless' title track is a good representation of where Barry’s solo path has led him, if you’ve been smart enough to follow.

Listen to “Lost & Rootless” below. The album is out on November 28 from Chunksaah Records. Barry will be on tour a bit this fall.