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Listen to Sleep Party People's remix of DiSa's "Sculpture"

This is really great.

DiSa is the perfect brand of Icelandic pop star - a goddess of darkness with elegant vocals and crisp beats clouded by an atmosphere of ambient and industrial soundscapes. Basically she’s everything you want and expect from the majestic land where volcanoes meet vast ice deserts and blonde babes run rampant their gums lined with nose tobacco. Produced by Ice Cream Cathedral’s Anders Bach Pedersen, DiSa already has some steady roots in Denmark making this new collaboration with Sleep Party People as natural as involuntary teeange boners.

The original “Sculpture” track, which is downtempo and dreamy is given an upbeat refresher by Sleep Party People who maintains his unique style of blending two stepping beats with airy vocals. The remix is impossibly dancey making it the perfect counterpart to the original. Play this on a late Saturday night and use the hypnotizing original to nurse your murderous hangover on Sunday.

If you missed DiSa at Jazzhouse in Copenhagen last week, fear not, she will be gracing the stage at SPOT festival in a couple of weeks.