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The Square's New Video for "Lewisham McDeez" is Basically a Fast Food Death Match

When Ronald and The Colonel throw down, who wins? Food does.

It's hard to consider what to write about this video, because just watching it fires random thoughts into my head about what type of fast food I want to disgust myself over next. Big Mac and chips with six chicken nuggets and barbecue sauce probably. "Lewisham McDeez" is the latest feisty cut from rising grime crew The Square, featuring all the mascots from your favourite fast food gut shops: Ronald McDonald, The Colonel, The Burger King, oh, and Larry the Lobster from SpongeBob. And they are fighting each other. Why? Who knows. It works though.


Actually, maybe I want KFC hot wings with corn-on-the-cob, gravy tub and coleslaw. Anyway, Novelist made the Lewisham chain of McDonalds slightly more famous than it already was by arranging a clash there with Northampton's grime kid Izzie Gibbs late last year, only for the opposing MC to jilt him at the last minute. And this song, a tribute to that, goes a step further in solidifying the South London branch as a brand new grime trope.

Mm, maybe I'll go BK and do Double Whopper with cheese. And one of them mad milkshakes they do. Anyway, the video's below.

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