The Truth Behind the Viral Amsterdam Glory Hole Voicenote

We called up every Dutch glory hole operator in the city to see if a girl on a hen party really accidentally gave her dad a blowjob.
X screengrab of viral voicenote of Amsterdam glory hole story against backdrop of Amsterdam
Screenshot: X, photo of Amsterdam: a_Taiga / Getty Images

“Being drunk, she thought it’d be hilarious to press this button and see who she’d been sucking off [...] it’s her dad.”

If you were anywhere on British Twitter this week, you would have heard the viral voicenote that tells the ill-fated story of a girl on a mixed hen and stag party who gives a blowjob at a glory hole, only to press a button in the darkened booth to reveal the lucky recipient: her own dad.


“The hen and the stag do all went home early because it was so traumatic,” the girl says on the voicenote. “The girl’s fallen out with all her family, the mum’s obviously found out and is not speaking to the dad.”

Horrifying stuff: The voicenote post has now been viewed 25.3 million times on X, formerly Twitter, and prompted dozens of memes and jokes. It was even covered by the Daily Star tabloid and The Tab. Charlotte Walton, the person behind the Instagram voicenote, swore in the same thread that “it's all verified” because the girl lives with a friend of a friend. But is it real? Or is it just an elaborate hoax?

We couldn’t get in contact with Walton, so there was only one way to find out: through the power of investigative journalism.

While we don’t know the name of the unlucky girl in question, we did clock one interesting thing about the glory hole. “It was one of these ones where apparently where if you push a button, they can see who’s on the other side. It makes it transparent like a window,” the voicenote says. 

Hmmm. Now, VICE has covered glory holes extensively, but many of them tend to be a) for queer men, not drunk UK girlies and b) rudimentary structures, as in, literally holes in a wall. They also tend to be in male public toilets, cruising areas or dark rooms in gay clubs – not exactly places known to attract hen parties. So either this is one very elaborate and technologically advanced glory hole, or we smell bullshit.


There was only one way to find out: Call every glory hole operator in Amsterdam.  

After some extensive research on Reddit and a lovely website called, VICE ascertained that there might actually be far fewer glory holes in Amsterdam than you might think. In fact, three out of the four that we found told us that they cater to men only and would gently turn back a drunk hun on a hen night out. 

That left only one glory hole that could have hosted this hideous scene of parental incest: William Higgins le Salon, on the main street of Nieuwendijk, which describes itself as the “number one erotic cinema” of Amsterdam. 

After explaining our quest to an employee at the cinema, we asked the determining question: “Is there a button you can press on your glory holes, to see the person on the other side?” 

“No, there’s just holes,” they replied, “No button.” 

There you have it. So where did this story come from? Well, we found a suspiciously familiar bit from an old Ricky Gervais routine in which a teenager accidentally sucks off his own dad at a glory hole. You can check that out here

Now, we’re not saying that some poor lass didn’t blow her own dear dad on a hen do, but we are saying that you should maybe use your powers of discernment for this story. Also, have you heard the story about the massive lasagne in Wembley Stadium?

If you have any evidence that proves the viral Amsterdam glory hole story is true, please feel free to let us know on Instagram or TikTok.