The KFC Crocs Just Dropped and Sold Out in Half an Hour

Would you wear clogs with detachable charms that look and smell like fried chicken?

“I want my shoes to smell like fried chicken,” said no one ever, and yet here we are. Five months after it was first announced, the KFC x Crocs collaboration is here.

The pair would make Colonel Sanders proud, but it’s certainly not for everyone. The shoes are covered in a fried chicken print, with red and white soles that resemble the iconic KFC buckets. Putting it over the edge are two detachable charms that look and smell like fried chicken drumsticks.


The shoes dropped on Crocs’ website on July 28, priced at US$60, and sold out within half an hour. And, believe it or not, they’re now available on reselling platforms like StockX for as high as US$200.

The shoe made its debut at New York Fashion Week in February, alongside other streetwear and food collabs such as the Supreme Oreo cookie.

If you’re out there shaking your head and asking “Why the hell would anyone buy this?” you’re not alone.

Seeing as these fried chicken clogs are selling like hotcakes, there’s obviously a ton of people who want their hands on them. In March, Kim Kardashian even flexed the shoes in an Instagram Story after receiving them as a gift. Now that they’re out, even more people are hyped, some upset that they don’t have a pair of their own.

A KFC spokesperson told Business Insider that they don’t plan to produce more of the limited edition shoes.

As ridiculous as they look, limited edition Crocs have become big events for the fashion industry. Crocs has collaborated with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, luxury fashion house Balenciaga, streetwear brand Chinatown Market, and singer Post Malone.

I guess Crocs do be hype now.

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