Robinhood Goes Down During GameStop Stock Rush

Other trading apps are also facing issues.
Image: Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

The microtrading app Robin Hood is currently unresponsive for multiple users as traders and opportunists continue to try and cash in on the skyrocketing stock for video game retailer GameStop.

The news highlights the continuing fervor around GameStop's stock, which has climbed since members of the Wall Street Bets subreddit have deliberately tried to push its stock price higher. There are also widespread reports that other trading apps and services have stopped working or are experiencing outages as there's a feeding frenzy on AMC and GameStop stock.


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Multiple users on Twitter reported the Robin Hood app being down as of Wednesday morning. The app and other trading services seem to be working intermittently on what is one of the craziest mornings of the stock market in recent memory. The exact cause of the downtime is unclear.

“Equities and options trading through our iOS and Android apps were fully operational, but some customers may have briefly experienced difficulties accessing our web app this morning,” Lavinia Chirico, product communications lead at Robinhood, told Motherboard in an email. “Our crypto trading platform, Robinhood Crypto, experienced a disruption in service which impacted crypto trading for some customers—which has also been resolved.”

Motherboard was also unable to login to a Vanguard account a staff member has.

Update: This piece has been updated with comment from Robinhood.

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