The Full Wolf Moon: January’s Full Moon in Leo

Repressing your feelings during a Leo full moon? We don’t recommend it!
January’s Full Wolf Moon in Leo collage
Collage by Natalie Moreno

Werewolf lore describes perfectly normal people transforming into wolf-headed, clawed, howling beasts under the light of the full moon. It’s a metaphor for brewing desire and anger that we hide as we move through polite society—but that eventually spills out if we don’t find healthy ways to explore and express fantasies and rage. And indeed, this full moon on January 25, 2024, stands to be quite dramatic, as it’s in fire sign Leo!


According to the Farmer’s Almanac, this full moon (also sometimes called the Moon after Yule) is named the Wolf Moon in honor of the wolves heard howling during chilly winter nights.

What does the full moon in Leo represent?

The full moon in Leo can only take place when the sun is in Aquarius. Aquarius is famously described by astrologers as cool, aloof, and detached… all the things Leo is not! Leo is hot! Involved! Happy to be center stage, eager to lead, living life passionately! 

Aquarius season could find us feeling a bit non-committal as we experiment with different ideas, but the full moon in Leo reminds us what we are truly passionate about! The full moon in Leo asks us not to act blasé about our passions. Aquarius can be too cool for school, but the full moon in Leo says no more indifference! Aquarius season pulls us to approach things in a chill way, but full moons bring big feelings to the surface, and the full moon in Leo does not shy away from drama.

Full moons may also find us confronting problems, and during this one, big egos that mess up the community flow are challenged. Full moons can also be very much about compromise: The full moon in Leo might find us balancing the desire for attention with the ability to shine the spotlight on others.

What’s special about this year’s full moon in Leo?

The sun sits with Pluto, opposing the moon, making themes like power and control big highlights of this full moon. Questions like who should be in charge and which old systems need to be dismantled could be up for discussion. Aquarius season could be regarded as a time to take a detached look at things; however, the full moon in passionate Leo could find us feeling very heated and moved to take action and speak our minds. If we’ve been repressing feelings or actions, they could bubble to the surface in a big way during this full moon thanks to Pluto’s presence!


The sun and moon form a T-square with Jupiter, adding to the over-the-top emotionality of this full moon. Grand gestures could be made! But people could also be quite “extra” in showing their disappointment or displeasure. “I’d like to speak with the manager” types could be especially busy during this time. 

Mercury sits with Mars in Capricorn and trines Uranus in Taurus, which bodes well for creative problem-solving. Trines are helpful astrological aspects, signifying ease. Meditating on the scientific method could be a good use of time. Conversations could move quickly and exciting new ideas could be shared. While Pluto and Jupiter could stoke the hotheads among us, Uranus could activate the folks who play the wildcard role in their social circle to shake things up and surprise people. You might enter this full moon thinking you feel one way and leave it understanding something new about yourself and your situation.

Venus trines Jupiter and sextiles Saturn (a harmonious astrological aspect), which bodes very well for romance! Jupiter’s influence could feel like we’re being swept off our feet, and Saturn’s grounding energy provides a sense that we’ll be safe and secure even if a whirlwind romance hits some bumps in the road. The mood is loving and stable, but certainly not boring: Mars trines Uranus, which could bring some big thrills our way! If you’ve been stuck in a rut, you could finally be unstuck at this time. People may feel especially brave about taking risks. Jupiter sextiles Saturn, again inspiring a feeling of a safety net around us as we take chances. 

This article was updated for clarity. It was originally published in January 2023.