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Sleigh Bells Are Back and Surprisingly Chill on "And Saints"

It's the first single from their upcoming mini-album 'Kid Kruschev.'
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Despite having only released a new album, Jessica Rabbit, last year, Sleigh Bells are back at it again with a new mini-album. Kid Kruschev is due for release on 10 November via their own label, and it represents a new way of working for the band.

In a statement, Derek Miller – one-half of the band completed by frontperson Alexis Krauss – said:

"Alexis moved north of Brooklyn recently, somewhere with trees and cliffs, providing us with a new space to write and record without pissing off neighbours, so that's what we've been doing. We didn't want to wait another year or two to release something. We like the idea of putting out shorter records at a more consistent rate, so we're gonna give it a shot for a while, see how it feels."

And, seemingly in keeping with their new, airier surroundings, the first taste of Kid Kruschev, "And Saints," is a little more tranquil than we're used to from the band. The usual ear-pummelling is gone, and instead we're left with a low-key synthy, almost Robyn-esque pop track. "And Saints" teeters on the brink throughout – you kind of expect the signature, merciless Sleigh Bells guitars to cut in halfway through – but it never quite descends into the noise that made their name.

While I'd always liked their subtle feminisation of 'heavier' music and violent themes (years of being one of about five girls at hardcore shows in my town began to grate), "And Saints" doesn't necessarily mean it's gone – more just that the band is diversifying, which could never be a bad thing. Plus, anything that sounds as much like it could be described as "Carly Rae Jepsen chillwave" as this does is something I'll need in my ears immediately.

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