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All remaining charges dropped against cops in Freddie Gray case

Baltimore prosecutors failed to obtain a guilty verdict against any of the six officers who were charged in connection with Gray's death in April 2015.
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All charges have been dropped against the remaining three Baltimore police officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray, prosecutors announced Wednesday morning.

The decision was revealed just before pretrial motions were scheduled to begin in the case of Officer Garrett Miller, one of the six police officers who were accused of contributing to Gray's death in April 2015 after he was taken into police custody.


Wednesday's announcement means that prosecutors failed to obtain a guilty verdict against any of the officers who arrested Gray and failed to properly secure him in a police van. The vehicle made a number of stops on its way to the police station. After the van ride, Gray was found unresponsive with a broken neck and a compressed spinal cord. He died a week later.

Less than two weeks ago, a judge found police Lieutenant Brian Rice, the most senior officer charged in the case, not guilty on all counts. Officer Edward Nero and Caesar Goodman Jr. were also both found not guilty in recent months.

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Officer William Porter was to be retried in September, after his case ended in a mistrial last December, and Sargent. Alicia White was scheduled for trial in October.

Gray was arrested on the morning of April 12, 2015 after the foot chase with police in West Baltimore. The cops said Gray fled after making eye contact with an officer, and they later alleged that he was carrying an illegal pocketknife.

Gray's death sparked massive protests throughout the city and added fuel to the ongoing debate about race and policing in America.

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