One of the World's Most Wanted Hackers Speaks

Phineas Fisher wanted to make a statement on CYBER to deny he’s an agent of the Kremlin.

The last time Phineas Fisher agreed to an interview with Motherboard, they made us recreate the whole thing with a puppet.

This time around, Phineas Fisher—one of the world’s most wanted hackers—wanted to make a statement on CYBER to deny he’s an agent of the Kremlin.

Phineas Fisher is the hacker’s hacker that nobody knows. In fact, nobody even knows if they are just one person, or several people. All we know is Phineas Fisher has hacked, embarrassed, and exposed some of the world’s most powerful spyware companies that have connections to the FBI, the DEA, and dozens of other law enforcement and spy agencies all around the world.

And Phineas Fisher has completely gotten away with it.

Throughout these exploits, Motherboard's Lorenzo Francheschi-Bicchierai has been one of the few reporters to make contact with the hacker several times. Recently, Phineas Fisher got in touch with him again, but this time to deny a recent allegation that he’s Russian intelligence operation made in Joseph Menn’s new book on hacktivism.

On this week’s CYBER, Lorenzo sits down with host Ben Makuch to take you through the murky history of PhineasFisher’s hacks, then the infamous hacktivist speaks.