The Director Behind 'Gravity' Is Bringing Things Back to Earth with 'Roma'

Although the trailer is thin on dialogue, it evokes themes of poverty, class, and race.

Alfonso Cuarón’s has one of the more up and down directorial paths of anyone I know; and I mean that in the corniest, most literal sense: he made a film set in space (Gravity) and a film set in the imaginary (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban).

This time around, Alfonso Cuarón’s bringing it back to the ground by returning to the Mexico city of his youth. Roma zeroes in on two domestic workers of Mixteco heritage, Adela (Nancy Garcia) and Cleo (Yalitza Aparicio), who take the time to look after a family of four children in a middle class neighbourhood in Roma. While the trailer is thin on dialogue, there’s beauty in the black-and-white-approach that evokes the themes the film that explores areas of poverty, class and race.

Give the trailer a watch above, and keep an eye out for the eventual release when it's shown in limited theaters starting November 21 in Los Angeles, New York, Mexico, along with additional engagements in the US, Toronto and London on November 29th. A more worldwide release is also heading to Netflix on December 14th with expanded theatrical releases in North America.

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