Unfollow Me

Broadly Is Continuing Its Investigation Into Stalking

Unfollow Me exposed the fact that 49 women were killed​ by abusive partners, ex-partners and stalkers, despite reporting them to police. Now, Broadly is investigating the psychological toll of being stalked.
November 21, 2018, 10:03am
Illustration: Calum Heath

In July, Broadly launched Unfollow Me, a campaign standing up for victims of stalking and abuse. Its investigation found widespread police failings across the UK to protect women from their stalkers and abusers – including the shocking statistic that 49 women were killed by their abusive partners, ex-partners and stalkers, despite previously reporting them to police.

That data was covered widely by newspapers, magazines and broadcasters in the UK, including BBC Woman's Hour, the Sun, the Evening Standard, Grazia and Victoria Derbyshire. Broadly-backed proposals to introduce a Stalkers Register from anti-stalking charity Paladin were even supported by the Home Affairs Select Committee, the parliamentary committee that advises the government on policy.

Now, Broadly is continuing its Unfollow Me campaign. For the next two weeks, it will look into the effects of stalking and abuse on psychological wellbeing, including mental health conditions like OCD and post-traumatic stress. A new documentary, Unfollow Me: The Story of Meera Dalal, also unravels how 26-year-old Meera Dalal from Leicester died by suicide following years of abuse and stalking at the hands of her ex.

On Thursday, a new investigation will outline how Meera was just one of the multiple women in the UK who have died by suspected suicides after domestic-related incidents. Unfollow Me will also dive into how stalking affects your finances and how survivors – especially those in the public eye – grapple with the effects of being stalked.

Unfollow Me will also expand its coverage to the US, where a new investigation will outline the alarming number of Native women who are stalked and subsequently killed. It'll look into the spyware tech used to harass victims, the psychology of stalking and what you can do to obtain a restraining order if you’re being stalked.

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