Strange Retro Puppet Show Investigates If "Climate Change Isn’t Real"

Who do you believe when it comes to climate change? The government?
June 8, 2017, 10:19pm
Brenda the talking plant and Mary Broomfellow discuss the perils of climate change. Photo courtesy of Jacob Graham.

The retro-inspired, film-grained felt-flecked puppets of the Creatures of Yes are always up to something. The Creatures, created by Brooklyn musician, puppeteer, and laser light artist Jacob Graham, have gone on and on about the importance of open communication, waited with patience for Santa Claus, and even touched water for the first time. But in their newest video, "Climate Change Isn't Real," they get serious about educating the people. The new video blends the short series' classic retro, experimental aesthetic with a call to action for anyone who cares about the wellbeing of the Earth.


"From the very beginning we wanted Creatures of Yes to actually be educational, not just inspired by old educational television," Creatures creator Jacob Graham explains to Creators, "but we never wanted it to be forced, so we really took our time with character development. We've actually been working on the script for this video, Climate Change Isn't Real, for a few months, then when the US pulled out of the Paris Accord last week we thought alright, now it's really time for this episode."

Mary Broomfellow reads up on the issues. Photo courtesy of Jacob Graham.

Recent videos feature a new member of the tiny Creatures team, Jacob's Sound of Ceres bandmate Karen Hover. "She definitely has the same sensibilities as us, but she adds a level of thoroughness I don't think we quite had before. Things used to be really thrown together, now we're writing essays about each episode as we're working on it."

Mary burns a letter from the government. Photo courtesy of Jacob Graham.

For such a homegrown show, Creatures of Yes boasts a huge array of puppets. This newest video, for instance, includes a brand new puppet, the talking plant named Brenda. "Making a new puppet is always really difficult for me. It never feels natural," says Graham. "There's a long period of getting the structure of it made that isn't very fun, but then you start putting in the details of the face and you can start to see the personality come through. We have a few new puppets in the works now, you should see them on the show soon, so don't touch that dial!"

Listen to the plants and learn how to save the environment in the video below:


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