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A Normal Day at This Auckland School Turned Into a Mass Playground Fight

Students are calling for a change to how violence is dealt with at Rosehill College.

Following yesterday's brutal school-yard brawl, Rosehill College students and teachers are demanding change in how violence is dealt with at their school. About 150 people were reportedly involved in the fight that lead to the school’s lockdown as police arrived at the scene.

But some students say the school isn’t taking the issue seriously enough.

A group of students and teachers who anonymously messaged the Herald are pushing for their school to conduct a “serious investigation” into how students are punished for creating an “unsafe learning environment for others”.

They say the current system in place is failing and “leading to a decline in pride and mana within the Rosehill College name”. The group is demanding change before these vicious attacks become common place.

"If this is not taken seriously we will know the students wellbeing and ability to strive for excellence is not taken seriously," they wrote.

Another group of students said they were also upset with how their school downplayed violence. "A text sent out by the school said police were called out for precautionary measures but it certainly wasn't precautionary,” they wrote. "They need to stop lying to the parents about the state of the school and start caring about student mental health."

A number of students and teachers are still concerned for their safety, one parent saying they are too scared to send their daughter back to class for fear of retaliation. Inspector Tony Wakelin has confirmed police would be present at Rosehill College this morning as a precautionary measure.