Wait, Are The Strokes Working on a New Album with Rick Rubin?

Albert Hammond, legendary musician/producer dad to Albert Hammond Jr, seems to think so...
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Dad Content is my favourite type of content (apart from possibly Thirst Content) so I am delighted to be bringing you some today! It appears, in very dad-type fashion, that Albert Hammond Sr., father of Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr., has let several cats out of the bag regarding the band's sixth studio album, during an interview which took place in Switzerland, according to The West Australian.


On the promo trail for his brand new album In Symphony (he's 73, get out of bed you lazy fuck), he said "[The Strokes are] making a new album now with a great producer called Rick Rubin […] I speak to my son every day and he says that they're so happy […] I'm sure this will be a very successful record."

Let's break this dad-speak down:

"a great producer called Rick Rubin": this is very sweet because it serves two purposes. One, as being an extremely gentle way for Hammond Sr to ease the journalist in. This is the same Hammond who co-wrote Whitney Houston's "One Moment in Time" as well as about a billion other hits, frequently collaborated with Mike Hazlewood and received an Order of the British Empire in 2000. You can tell he's just so sweet and dad that he speaks to everyone in a way that doesn't assume they know things – even when that thing may be Rick Rubin's existence and pedigree. The cadence is also so dad, you can imagine him saying it measuredly, interestedly, the way nice dads talk about everything: "I've really got into this great new TV show called Game of Thrones," etc, etc.

"I speak to my son every day and he says that they're so happy": I AM NOT CRYING YOU ARE CRYING FUCK OFF AND ALSO BLESS THIS SENSITIVE DAD.

"I'm sure this will be a very successful record": honestly who knew that Albert Hammond Sr. was such a classic of the cute dad genre? Once the album is done, I can imagine him listening to it carefully, in a considered manner, perhaps making notes, and then calling his son to congratulate him and his friends on their achievement.

Basically: more interviewing of music dads. Please. This wholesome dad chat will save all of our souls.

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