You Can Now Listen to Arcade Fire’s ‘Everything Now’ on, Like, the Internet and Stuff

The Canadian indie band’s fifth studio LP came out at midnight.
July 28, 2017, 1:52pm
Foto vía el Instagram de Arcade Fire.

Have you noticed that you are on the internet right now? You are! You'd have to be on the internet to read this blog post, which is a piece of content written by me but delivered to you via online. Now that we've established this, let me tell you about Arcade Fire's new album, Everything Now, which you can listen to on the internet this morning.

Everything Now features two songs with underscores in their titles. One of them is the album's opening track, "Everything_Now (Continued)," which you may notice is incongruous, because "(Continued)" is usually a parenthetical signifier of a continuation, rather than an introduction. You may be further confused by the album's closing track, "Everything Now (continued)," which has a very similar title to the first song on the album, but is not quite the same, because, you may notice, there is no underscore between "Everything" and "Now" (though the "(continued)" remains intact). The other song with an underscore is called "Infinite_Content," which comes directly after the song called "Infinite Content."

You can listen to Everything Now below, on this internet webpage, in your own clothes at home. Arcade Fire probably won't chastise you for it immediately.

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