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Chance the Rapper and Young Thug Hit Soundcloud with New Song "Big B's"

This is probably the best surprise-release artwork we'll see all year.

The big story of last week was that Soundcloud, the music-sharing platform that has launched countless artists and actually kind of generated its own rap sub-genre, is reportedly crumbling. The internet has been awash with both rumours about the website (including one particularly worrying report which stated the site only has enough cash to last 50 more days), and warnings to those who use it to share music to back their uploads up so that they're not lost should Soundcloud suddenly vanish into thin air.


Amidst the drama, however, some artists have been showing their support for the platform – and these include Chance the Rapper and Young Thug, who uploaded a track "Big B's" exclusively to Soundcloud on Saturday. It's officially a Thug cut featuring Chance, it has easily the best artwork we'll see all year (a text message screenshot featuring some scribbles that were almost definitely crafted with the help of Instagram story's MS Paint-style tools, presumably to remind us about the importance of accessible art as represented by Instagram and Soundcloud, but also maybe – probably – just because it's really funny), and it's a mellow but bouncy bop with an especially flames Chance verse. Long live Soundcloud, huh?

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