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David Guetta Says “128bpm EDM” Makes Him “Tired”

The producer spoke candidly in a feature profile for ‘The Independent.’
Foto vía Wikimedia Commons.

David Guetta may be best known for his crossover hits with acts such as Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber, but that doesn't mean he's a huge fan of mainstream EDM.

In a candid interview with the UK paper The Independent, the producer spoke about the changing tastes of music consumers, himself included. In particular, Guetta has noticed a change in the tastes of clubgoers in the Ibiza party scene.

"I think what's interesting in the last couple of years is how underground parties became trendy," Guetta said. "There were always a very big underground scene in Ibiza … but now it's very interesting to see the VIP customers, the money-spenders, the models."

Guetta went on to say that he's "happy" that tastes and sounds are changing.

"I'm going to be honest, in the two last years that same 128bpm EDM was starting to make me tired. Everybody was playing it," Guetta told the paper. "So now I'm happy, I think it's amazing moment for music because it's the end of a cycle, but that also means the beginning of another one."

Guetta believes this new cycle will allow for more "experimental" music. Whether that vision becomes reality remains to be seen.

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