'Mister Tachyon' Will Sort Fact from Science Fiction on VICELAND

Our masked host will explore everything from telekinesis to orgone energy to tornado tapping, on a new show created by Director X.

Next month on a new VICELAND show the mysterious Mister Tachyon takes a journey beyond the bleeding edge of science. The masked host sorts fact from science fiction, exploring the possibility of telekinesis, telepathy, orgone energy, tornado tapping, and more.

The show is a new project from Director X, the mind behind some of hip-hop’s most visually stunning music videos. Over the course of ten episodes, Director X will bring his signature visual flair to fringe science, following Mister Tachyon as he tries to tap into tornadoes in Oregon, explores the power of bioluminescent algae in Rotterdam, and attempts to unlock some of the brain’s mysteries in Seattle.

Mister Tachyon premieres on VICELAND Wednesday, July 11.