Maggie Rogers and Rostam Are a Perfect Pair On "Fallingwater"

The one-time viral star levels up on her new collaboration with the ex-Vampire Weekend instrumentalist.
May 24, 2018, 5:19am

Call me crazy, but for my money, the most Rostam-y Vampire Weekend songs were the best ones. "Diplomat's Son," obviously, is a classic, but then there's also the tracks that really showcased his production ingenuity, like "Hannah Hunt" or "Young Lion" or any of the tracks on Modern Vampires of the City, really. (I really like indie music.) But anyway, the point is that Rostam is an excellent producer (Did you listen to his solo album? It's good!) so it's always a good time when he collaborates with cool artists. Naturally, then, "Fallingwater," his new collaboration with Maggie Rogers, is pretty cool!

The first single from Rogers' upcoming major-label debut (she previously released a lot of folk music on Bandcamp), "Fallingwater" is a warm, gentle piece of pop music that builds and builds before peaking with huge drum section. The piano is very Rostam, and the loops and general lyrical motifs—water, nature, emotions—are very Maggie Rogers. It's lovely, and you can listen above.

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