Doja Cat Knows the Best Superpower

We asked the woman behind "Mooo!" and "So High" for her opinions on everything from the president to music festivals to the best booze.

Humanity falls into two camps. Those who've known Doja Cat since day one; and those who knew Doja Cat after "Mooo!". Her 2018 video for that track became a viral hit and has to date passed 40 million views. Pretty impressive for a song that goes "Bitch, I'm a cow – I go mooooooooooooooo".

Of course, that's one song. Doja Cat has been around since 2014 and established herself as a cult fave, mostly thanks to her pop sensibility and knack for writing a blissed-out catchy track. After her "Moo!" viral success, she attracted criticism in August 2018 for admitting she'd used a homophobic slur "like roughly 15,000 times in my life". She later apologised. This March she doubled down on her musical ability with new album Amala, where she both raps her ass off and comes with the kind of choruses that sits somewhere between MIA and Ariana Grande. It's sweet stuff.

We brought her in for our infamous Questionnaire of Life series, where she picked between a selection of potential 2020 US presidential candidates to music festivals to favourite types of booze. You can watch that above.

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