Watch a Repaired iPhone Suddenly Stop Working After it Gets an iOS Update

The iOS 11.3 update broke iPhones that have some aftermarket touchscreens.

Apple’s new update makes it hard for people to fix their phones. The iOS 11.3 update released at the end of March killed touch functionality in some iPhones repaired using aftermarket screens. Before the update, the phones worked fine. After the update, the users suddenly had a phone that would turn on but whose touchscreens didn’t work

It’s not the only problem with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. A new video from Ohio-area iPhone repair shop iOutlet Michael Oberdick walks through several other issues that arise when trying to repair Apple’s latest line of smartphones.

Even before the update, iPhones repaired with aftermarket screens lost their light-sensing functionality, which changes the screen’s brightness depending on a room’s light. Repaired iPhone X’s could no longer use Apple’s vaunted FaceID feature. Even when Oberdick uses certified parts from Apple, swapping out the phone’s screen for a refurbished Apple one or from a brand new phone, the brightness sensor and FaceID won’t work.