Yoenis Cespedes Breaks Necklace, Scatters Diamonds On Diamond

The Mets outfielder was sliding into second when he snapped his chain, scattering precious jewels all over the base path.

Sometimes headlines work out too perfectly. Yoenis Cespedes and the New York Mets were playing the Atlanta Braves at Citi Field and he literally lost his diamonds on the diamond.

The Mets outfielder was sliding into second base after hitting a drive up the right field line, when he noticed that he broke his chain while stretching. He felt around for the dripping necklace and frustratedly threw it to the ground, scattering his ice (do people still say that?) across the base path.


Just check it out—it's quite pretty, really:

Later in the game—like any logical human being—Mets second baseman Asdrubal Cabrera and a second-base ump started mining for the lost jewels.

Unclear whether or not they got back to La Potencia, but nice to know there's some buried treasure for the Braves second baseman Ozzie Albies to search for when they get back out there this afternoon for the final game of the series.