Ben Khan Returns From a Three Year Hiatus With “2000 Angels”

Fucking! Watch! This! Video!
Ryan Bassil
London, GB
April 13, 2018, 10:01am
Photo credit: Derrick Santini

The story books speak of legends, telling tales of the Kraken, the will-o-the-wisp, and the permanence of the McLobster burger. London based musician Ben Khan is sort of like this, too. He released two EPs – 2014’s 1992; 2015’s 1000 (clearly a fan of numbers) – then vanished into the ether, lost to the hallowed pages of history where the release of his debut album sat next to Bigfoot in the library of mythical things whose existence could neither be proved or denied.


Today that changes. Bigfoot may still be roaming northern California on his upright toes, we cannot be be sure, but it is undeniable FACT that Ben Khan and his debut album is real. Today he released a new video and new song “2000 Angels” (watch below) and announces a debut album will be due this summer via Dirty Hit, the label who have released music by the 1975 and ugh, Pale Waves. There’s also a new press shot, which you have probably already peeped above, since you have eyes.

And so: the video. How much fucking money did this cost, because this is Justin Timberlake comeback levels of futuristic, dystopian-esque fuckery? But also a lot better, because it doesn’t feature Justin Timberlake doing a Steve Jobs, or a robot. Instead this is an almost auteur-like piece of work, nicely setting Khan up as a singular artist in a world of dry promotional clips or gif-able music videos. Album soon come.

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