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People in key election states tell us what happened and why

In last night’s episode of VICE News Tonight, we asked Americans three questions about Tuesday’s election: What happened, why do you think it happened, and what happens next?

Below are some of those answers — and scroll down to answer these questions yourself.

The results of the U.S. presidential election came down to key states like Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. All four flipped in support of Republican Donald Trump, paving his path to become the president-elect.


Trump’s populist, anti-trade stance likely bolstered his turnout in Rust Belt states like Pennsylvania and Ohio, while the Latino vote couldn’t deliver Florida for Hillary Clinton. And Clinton never campaigned in Wisconsin, a fact that troubled some voters.

Lorraine DiNatale, sales
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“People are so tired of the current climate, the negativity, the racial divide — you know, different things, like Benghazi, people are just disgusted with. So they were just looking for an outlet.

I don’t necessarily know people who are in love with Donald Trump, but they were just tired of what was currently happening, and they were so disgusted by the fact that Hillary Clinton was even able to be a candidate that they were just looking for someone, for a breath of fresh air, someone that was going to tell them what they wanted to hear.

Hopefully, Donald Trump will be able to repeal Obamacare and make some changes in Common Core and will put some money back in our wallets. And you know, change the immigration policy, not necessarily build a wall but help with that.”

Sarah Naccach, marketing staffer
Tampa, Florida

“I honestly felt disgusted. I felt betrayed. I felt that my country didn’t stand for what I stood for today. I felt really let down.”

“Yeah, I blame the voters in Florida. I blame the voters in so many different states for what happened. I blame the third-party vote. I blame the Republican Party for letting a candidate get this far — that so disgusting of a human being to get this far.”


“We have already divided the country, so I can’t imagine that we’re going to pull together right now. I see a lot of division. I see a lot of hate. I see a lot of things going backward and losing a lot of the progression we have.”

Rob Wierzda, furniture delivery man
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“I feel OK. I’m not sure there was a great choice either way in this election …. But just, I couldn’t vote for Hillary because of her stance on things …. I think the politicians in Washington need to — I think this is a big wake-up call for them. I think it’s huge, you know, because he did everything possible to not get elected, and he still got it.”

“I think a big swing in Wisconsin was Hillary never coming here, I think she thought it was going to go her way and it didn’t work out …. I honestly think she treats Wisconsin like flyover territory. You now, it’s just between New York and California, and that’s it.”

“I’m very concerned about the way things are going to go with other countries, because I don’t — you need to be a politician to work with other countries. Um, that’s, that’s my biggest concern.”

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Julio Rodriguez, “basically unemployed” but builds websites
Tampa, Florida

“I voted for Jill Stein because I was a Bernie supporter …. [W]hat happened was is that if Bernie would have been the candidate, things would have turned out a lot different. We wouldn’t have Trump as president.”


“We just picked the wrong candidate. Bernie was leading Trump all along by double digits, and then we go and pick a flawed candidate. Basically, that’s what Hillary is because she just wasn’t the right person.”

“Yes, I am very worried …. He’s so unpredictable that I worry about my daughter and my granddaughter …. If he can’t get along with someone on Twitter, how’s he gonna get along with someone in the Middle East without, you know? And I know it takes three people for the codes for the nuclear bomb, but that still worries me too, you know.”

Mike Taylor, contractor
Middletown, Ohio

“You wanna know what I think happened? I think it sucked.”

“I just can’t believe this country voted for — I, I just just can’t believe they wouldn’t elect Hillary, Hillary Clinton as president. She was so qualified. He’s had no experience. He’s so ill tempered. I was just highly disappointed …. I’m just at a loss. I think [it’s] the uneducated vote.”

“What do I think happens next? It’s gonna be interesting. Hold my breath … I’m pessimistic, pretty much. I’m scared, to be honest about it. I’m, I’m concerned. I’ll put it that way.”

Chris Dzomba, works at a printing company and cabinet shop
Watertown, Wisconsin

“I’m happy Trump won. I feel he has a lot to offer the country, being as a business owner himself. I feel like he will offer the country ways it can save money, how the country can budget it’s money, kinda take the country out of debt …. Clinton — I think she would have been ok if she would’ve won. I just feel Trump’s stronger. He has more of a backbone. We need somebody in there that’s not afraid to voice their opinion, stand up for what they believe.”


“I think ’cause it’s more of a farm community and a lot of people are business owners. I think that shows that they got trust in Trump, that he’ll know how to keep the country rolling …. I feel like a lot of people around this area voted for Trump ’cause of the gun situation with Clinton and everything. A lot of people around here hunt.”

“Um, I feel that he’ll be a good defense leader, military-wise. I do have some doubts about him, how he runs his mouth against illegals, how he feels about women. I feel that he will start doing better for the vets, hopefully give more benefits for the war veterans — give them what they deserve.”

Brandie Johnson, nurse
Middletown, Ohio

“All I know is, I hope the healthcare is better because if it’s anything like what we had before — that was unaffordable. So I hopefully things will get better and not worse.”

“Enough people didn’t get out and vote. There’s a lot of people that talk a lot of stuff about politics, and they won’t go out and vote because they don’t believe their vote counts. And here we are. And Donald Trump is our president, so apparently those votes counted.”

“I’m trying to be optimistic about it because being pessimistic and complaining all the time isn’t going to solve anything. So, you can only do what you can do.”