Saudi Arabia may become an unlikely ally for Trump’s border wall

May 26, 2017, 12:19pm

Donald Trump wants to spend a trillion dollars on infrastructure, a near-impossible sum to pull out of Congress. So he’ll take whatever he can get — even if it’s from the Saudis.

This comes at a good time for the petrostate as it attempts to move its income sources away from oil. And it’s starting huge.

The Saudis are throwing $2 trillion into a sovereign wealth fund that will invest in everything from technology to alternative energy to even American infrastructure. During Trump’s first overseas visit in Riyadh, the Kingdom committed to a $20 billion deal to update the U.S.’ aging infrastructure.

Saudi Arabia also knows a lot about infrastructure with massive walls built on both its northern and southern borders. In 2006, the Kingdom started work on a 600-mile double ditch wire fence on the Iraqi side to fend off terrorist attacks.

VICE News reports from Saudi Arabia’s armored wall.