All the Looks From the Red Carpet at Last Night's 'Brexit: The Movie' Premiere

All the Looks From the Red Carpet at Last Night's 'Brexit: The Movie' Premiere

May 12, 2016, 11:30am

Well done to Lizzie Cundy on her patriotic Union Jack fascinator

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Last night a galaxy of stars landed on the prestigious red carpet at the glamorous Odeon, Leicester Square, sandwiched between a Bella Italia restaurant and a Wetherspoons. In attendance were all the hottest names in the campaign to divorce Britain from the EU, for the premiere of Brexit: the Movie, by Martin Durkin, a director most noted for making a totally great documentary about how climate change is in fact a big swindle. Described by the Daily Express as "powerful", Brexit is sure to be a great success when it is released free online tomorrow. From the trailer, it seems that it will show us how we should all prefer to be actually starving than remain in the EU one moment longer.


But enough boring old politics! On to the outfits – who was fab and who was drab?

Nigel Farage dazzled in a stunning navy blue suit and striped tie. Jacob Rees-Mogg MP wowed with his seasoned use of accessories. He coquettishly peered over his round glasses as he talked to reporters, and his blue tie was the icing on the cake of his navy blue suit.

But John Redwood MP really let the side down. A grey suit and striped tie – EU must be joking! And David Davis must have been searching for the Brexit as his navy blue suit with maroon tie failed to impress.

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Nigel Farage pulled off a classic look with aplomb

There must be some sort of Brussels directive against wearing colours this loud

This guy toned it down for a classic, casual look – and totally nailed it

Suits you sir! Lord Nigel Lawson looked the elder statesman in his suit and tie

In a referendum on John Redwood MP's suit and tie combo I'm campaigning for "out"

The Ying and Yang of Brexit, a perfect equilibrium

Dreary: David Davis MP in a boring suit and tie

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP had his naughty schoolboy look down

Everyone in this photo is killing it – the project for a European super-state, that is

This season's must have accessory: A load of "Leave EU" badges stuck to your back for some reason