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Someone Compiled Sufjan Stevens/Drake Mashups Because What Else Does One Do on the Internet

We'll admit it, "Get Real Get Fuckin Right" is a clever title.

Drake and Sufjan Stevens are both feather-voiced troubadours who sing about municipalities, relationships, and family. Sufjan delves into religion a bit more, but one should never forget Drake's "Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah / six-point star, lion of the Judah" from "Still Here," which in all honesty could have come from Sufjan's Seven Swans. Luckily someone (a Torontonian, no less) did the math and subtracted one from that album's title to create Six Swans, a compilation of the "best" Drake and Sufjan mashups from Tumblr. Your life will not be the same once you hear Carrie & Lowell 's heartbreaking opener "Death with Dignity" defiled by 2010 Drake's hashtag flow from "Over."


Speaking of 2010, a lot of the Sufjan beats are sourced from that year's The Age of Adz, so most of the time you're hearing Drake rap over squelching electronics, which makes "Too Much" into a Death Grips song. The arguable highlight of this collection is "Jacksonville Forever" which takes the former's loping banjo and the latter's come-up bars (no Eminem verse, though) to make something oddly agreeable. Maybe Drake should follow Nelly's lead and dabble in country-rap. There are lots of questions raised by this tape, but the best thing you can do is ponder it on your own. Listen to Six Swans below.

Phil is listening to "Over and Over," terrified of the possibilities. He's on Twitter.