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Someone Bought Hitler's Wife's Underwear for $4,000

The underwear, along with a few other mementos Eva Braun left behind after her suicide, were auctioned off to private collectors Monday.
Eva Braun with Adolf Hitler in 1942. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

There's already a thriving online market for people looking to drop a ton of cash on women's used underwear, and WWII collectors have been known to pay top dollar for Hitler memorabilia, too. So it's not a huge leap to assume that there are at least a few people who fall into both those camps and would be willing to shell out some serious bucks on old Nazi panties.

That's exactly what happened this week, when someone dropped nearly $4,000 on an old pair of lacy purple underwear that belonged to Hitler's wife, Eva Braun.

According to the BBC, the Philip Serrell auction house in England sold the underwear—in addition to a tube of red lipstick, a gold ring, and a silver box Braun left behind after committing suicide with the Nazi leader in his bunker—to private collectors during an auction on Monday.

"It is generally people fascinated with that period of history," auctioneer Sophie Jones said of the sale. "I think people who were bidding on them were private collectors more than dealers."

Still, four grand seems like a lot of money to spend on ancient underwear—that amount could have easily bought both William Shatner's kidney stone and Truman Capote's ashes, with a little cash left over to pick up a statue of a different, burned umber-colored demagogue.