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What We Know About the Man Who Was Murdered and Dismembered in Langley

Victim Shaun Alan Clary reportedly belonged to a gang behind the killing of a highly respected Hells Angel earlier this month. But police aren't connecting the two murders just yet.
Shaun Alan Clary in an undated Facebook photo

Police have now identified the man whose body was dumped in several pieces on the side of a road in Langley earlier this week—a crime that was already fuelling speculation about rising gang tensions in the region.

Shaun Alan Clary, 27, was reportedly a member of 856, an "upstart" gang named after Aldergrove's phone prefix. The gang is linked to the murder of high-ranking Hells Angel Robert Keith Green earlier this month.


A funeral for the well-known Hells Angel of over 20 years was held today in Vancouver, with hundreds of bikers from as far as Ontario and plenty of police in attendance, according to local radio. His killing is seen as unexpected and likely to cause more violence in a region seen as a Hells stronghold.

"With over 10 years of research and experience on gangsterism, I can safely say that all 'street level' to 'mid level' gangs better watch out, cause shit is about to get real," commented filmmaker and gang expert Mani Amar.

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According to long-time gang reporter Kim Bolan, Green died at a party at the 856 gang's clubhouse, and an 856 member turned himself in to police in connection with the murder the next day. 856er Jason Wallace is now charged with second-degree murder.

Police have stated Clary's death is gang-related, but haven't gone so far as to link the two murders. In fact, the region's homicide unit warned against jumping to conclusions.

"While investigators are aware of the heightened tension between particular gang associates, it would be premature to assume this conflict to be the direct motive for his homicide," Corporal Meghan Foster told the Sun.

The 856 gang has made headlines before, most notably in 2014 when BC's anti-gang unit seized $400,000 worth of drugs and pig dewormer from high ranking members.

Clary's rank within the 856 gang is still unclear. Higher-ups are known to have the numbers 8, 5, and 6, tattooed on the inside of their lower lip, which remains unseen in the selfies posted to his Facebook timeline.

According to Clary's online presence, he grew up in Surrey, and attended high school there. His profile lists a local disposal company as his place of work.

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