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The Teen Who Got Trapped in a Barney Mask at a Sleepover Is the New Chewbacca Mom

The 15-year-old's elaborate sleepover gag backfired quickly.
Video via the 'Washington Post'

Everybody did weird shit at sleepovers. It was back before you could go get fucked up legally at a bar or whatever, so you'd actually have to think of exciting things to do to entertain yourself and your friends.

That meant playing truth or dare and eating the nasty stuff in the back of the fridge, diving off the roof onto a pile of mattresses, or—for 15-year-old Darby Risner—it meant sticking her noggin into the large dinosaur head from an old Barney mascot costume to delight her peers. Unfortunately for Risner, the plan backfired quickly once she realized that the thing would not come off.


The Washington Post reports that Risner's friends quickly jumped on Snapchat to film their failed attempts at freeing her tiny body from the giant dino head, trying both Vaseline for lubrication and good, old-fashioned pulling.

When that didn't work, they piled into a minivan and headed off to the fire department to see if the authorities could take a crack at liberating their friend.

"When they walked in, you couldn't help but start laughing," the fire lieutenant, Vince Bruno, told After a few creative leverage points and many Snapchat photos later, a team of firefighters finally pulled Risner free from her purple prison.

The whole saga is definitely worth the watch, and Risner seems genuinely panicked throughout the entire situation—but considering all the swag Chewbacca mom walked away with after her video went viral, you can't rule out that this whole thing might just be an elaborate prank on all of us to bring on the viral fame and endless likes.

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