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The Collector Kind

Photos by Maya Fuhr and styling by Chloe Wise.

STYLIST: CHLOE WISE Models: Scarlette, Chloe, Krystle, Dave, Stefan, Claire, Amy, Dom Stefan, 24

I collect people's disgusting, old hair as well as my own, and I put it into jars. I mainly get it from friends’ home haircuts. It kind of started as a joke. My friends Chrys and Jimmy cut their hair at my house and I put it all into a plastic bag that I kept around for about a year. I accidentally left the bag at my old apartment, which is totally disgusting for whoever moved in. It went on because two of my other friends, Kate and Adrienne, brought me my first actual jar of hair as a present. From then on I kind of kept acquiring hair from people who just offered it to me. I always like when people add to my collection, and it's funny to be like, "Who's hair is in this one again?"


American Apparel jacket, H&M pants

Scarlette, 20
(Pokemon cards)

My collection consists of Pokémon cards and games. I keep them because I am a sentimental, stupid person.I started watching and playing Pokémon when I was about seven years old. My parents tried to get me to read Harry Potter every night before going to sleep, but I had no interest in it at all. I would always end up sneaking my Pikachu Yellow and Gameboy back in bed instead. I can't tell you what my very first card was, but Eevee was my favorite Pokémon along with Mew. She was so fluffy and sweet, and I daydreamed about us being best friends and falling asleep on her big, fluffy tail.

Kenzo top and skirt, model’s own shirt

Dominic, 26

I started my collection at least six or seven years ago, I think. I got my first toy when I was 15 or 16. I had just moved to Montreal from a small town in New Brunswick and I was exploring my sexuality as someone who was finally somewhere it could be explored. It's grown into a big part of who I am, but given the nature of my collection it’s something I spare most of the people in my life from. Some of my friends know about it. Some of them have names, but none given by myself. They're mostly named after the actors who created the cast. Some of them aren't from actors, so those are given random silly names like "BAM", "The Intruder", "The Asscavator", or a personal favorite, "Black Thunder."


Claire, 24
(Stuffed animals)

I have a collection of stuffed animals. I wouldn't say I'm crazy about it or anything. It's just nice to have them around. I like to choose favorites and those get to sleep in my bed with me or sometimes come on errands in the outside world. I've just always had them. It's hard to say if there's something deeper than that, maybe it's something about never wanting to grow up. I think I'm overly nostalgic for my childhood. My siblings and I started the “Teddy Bears Club” when we were really little. It took place in a very small room in our attic, with all of our “stuffies”. There was an itinerary, with activities like teatime and drawing teddies. My first piece was a genderless, nameless, pink bear. I still have it. It's so cute and soiled.

Mink Pink overalls, American Apparel shirt

Krystie, 28

I have a silly collection of mini pig figurines and other small piggy related items. I’ve had it since 2005 when I bought a Monokuro Boo piggy pillow to travel with because it was small and adorable. Then, I bought a change purse, a phone charm and a keychain with the same branding because they were just way too adorable. They sit on the windowsill right beside my front door, so they’re the first things you see when you enter my home. I don’t flaunt my collection, but you’ll see it. The thing is, I never actively sought out collecting piggies and I despise the color pink, but as soon as people began to notice I had a few of them, they started giving me them as gifts or travel souvenirs. The collection has mostly been enlarged through gifts.


Philip Lim top, vintage skirt, vintage scarf

Amy, 29

I have a collection of discarded, crushed aluminum cans. I think I’ve had it for about three years. It has evolved over time though. Each was run over by a vehicle and found in the street. There is an element of reflection on people’s behavior in this collection, but perhaps only from my own perspective. I wish I had mapped out all the locations where I’ve found cans, at least within a certain radius, but I suppose that would be a lot more work. It started when I began noticing crushed cans as indexes of social behavior. The variety is also interesting as different cans can be found in different neighborhoods, which reflects the type of people who live there. All cans are found naturally in the street- I don’t crush any on my own, although I did do a few experiments, like leaving cans under car wheels or throwing cans back in the street for finishing touches. The last time I counted I was in the six hundreds. Mink Pink jacket, American Apparel t-shirt, Urban Outfitters pants

Dave, 38

I have a big collection of rock and concert tees with a few vintage movie and sports pieces thrown in. To me, the 70s and early 80s were the height of clothing screen-printing. The first concert shirt I bought was at Rush's Presto tour. I remember feeling it get serious when I was in LA on a road trip and paid something like 45 bucks for a Yes shirt. That was the first time it felt like I was spending real money on my collection. Now, 45 bucks doesn't seem like much to spend on a good tee. I probably have 400 plus at this point, maybe more. Each one is a little wearable piece of art. Plus, tee shirts are the most universal piece of clothing, I feel. Who doesn't love an amazing worn-in shirt? Nobody, that's who. Dr. Martens sweater and shoes, model’s own pants @mayafuhr