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A Calgary Neo-Nazi Is Crowdfunding to Pay the Fine for His Homophobic Protest

He's so far earned about 1.2 percent of his request.
Manisha Krishnan
Toronto, CA
September 10, 2015, 3:36pm

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You gotta hand it to Kyle McKee: he's a man of principle.

With his shaved head and penchant for going to court for defending Hitler, McKee, 29, is somewhat of a neo-Nazi fixture in Calgary. Years ago, the self-identified "National Socialist" founded the Aryan Guard, a group that hosts White Pride parades and recruits like-minded folks (i.e. racists) to the city.


But it seems McKee's dirtbag friends have left him hanging, because he's now asking the public to help him pay the fine for his most recent display of douchebaggery.

McKee heard about a local transit driver who was refusing to drive a rainbow-themed bus during Calgary's Pride parade this week. In a show of solidarity, McKee rolled up to said bus during the festivities and stood in front of it for "around 20 minutes," according to the Calgary Sun.

Several cop cars showed up and McKee was handed a $5,000 penalty—the maximum available—for interfering with the operation of a transit vehicle.

McKee quickly took to social media to rant about the injustice of it all.

"This was about $4,750 more than I expected to get. So I am asking for donations to help pay this ticket earned by peaceful protest for our rights!" he wrote on both Facebook and a GoFundMe page.

As of Thursday, the crowdfunding page had been removed, though apparently it had only earned about $60.

McKee's court appearance is Nov. 3. He's promised to donate any leftover funds he receives by then to a group that shares his views.

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